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Frequently Asked Questions

Application Process

Can I apply without going through the Marketplace first?

No. You must buy a qualifying plan from before applying to PremiumHelp.Org. Please remember to get a copy of your application, as you will need information from it to apply for PremiumHelp.Org.

How do I know if my application was accepted?

You will receive a letter from United Way of the Greater Triangle notifying you of the application decision.

How often can I apply?

You may apply once per calendar year, during the open enrollment period.  If you are allowed by law to purchase outside of the open enrollment period, or “special enrollment,” please call 919-463-5045 to find out if you are eligible for

Is there an appeal process?

Unfortunately, no.   If your application is denied, you will not be able to re-apply.

Where can I get the insurance plan information needed to apply for PremiumHelp.Org?

The information needed is on your copy of your completed application.

Contact Information

Application process questions

If you have questions about an individual application, contact John Oguntoye at 919-463-5045.

General program questions

If you have general questions about PremiumHelp.Org, contact John Oguntoye or dial 919-463-5045, 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM M-F

Information for Brokers, Agents, and In-Person Assisters

If you need information for Brokers, Agents, and In-Person Assisters, contact John Oguntoye at 919-460-5045.


Does PremiumHelp.Org pay premium balances on employer administrated health plans?

No. PremiumHelp.Org is only available for plans purchased by individuals through

I don’t live in Durham, Orange, or Wake but my doctor is there. Am I eligible?

At this time you must live in Durham, Orange, or Wake County, NC to be eligible for premium support from PremiumHelp.Org.

What 2018 plan options are there for tobacco users?

Currently, only two plans are eligible for tobacco users that will cover the full balance of the premium. Those plans are “BCBSNC – Blue Local 7000” and “BCBSNC – Blue Value 7000.”

What do I do if my income is more than the qualifying amount in the grid?

We’re sorry, but you aren’t eligible for assistance from this calendar year.

Premium Support Duration & Continuation

How long does my 2018 support last? is a pilot program, that has been funded through 2018.  Support will be provided by through December 2018.

I am enrolled in PremiumHelp.Org but I am moving from Durham, Orange, or Wake County. Do I still qualify?

No, PremiumHelp.Org is only available to residents of Durham, Orange, and Wake County, NC. If you move from these counties at any time during the premium support time, please notify John Oguntoye at United Way of the Greater Triangle. 919-463-5045.

My income has changed or I am now eligible for employment-based health insurance. Do I still qualify for PremiumHelp.Org?

Your eligibility for support may change during the benefit year based on residency or income level.  Please contact John Oguntoye at 919-463-5045 to determine your eligibility if either of these change during the benefit year.

When does my 2018 premium support begin?

Once accepted, will begin paying your monthly payments after you are enrolled. For example, if you enroll in January 2018, before the 15th of the month, PremiumHelp.Org will pay your premiums beginning February 2018.  If you enroll in January 2018 after the 15th of the month, will begin making payments on your behalf in March 2018.

In either case, you will not be reimbursed for premiums you paid in December or January. You will also receive a letter in the mail which will confirm the date in which your first premium will be paid for you.


Does United Way have access to my health records if I apply?

No. United Way will only have access to the information you provide in the application.  Your health records stay with your doctors.

Will United Way share my information?

No.  United Way will only communicate about you to the insurance company you have a policy with, to verify your continued eligibility for the program throughout the year.  United Way will never share, rent, sell, or release your information to any third parties or vendors.

Program Information

What insurance providers/plans will work with this program in 2018?

For 2018, there are four qualifying plan options available from Blue Cross & Blue Shield of North Carolina:

  • Blue Local 4000
  • Blue Value 4000
  • Blue Local 7000*
  • Blue Value 7000*

*Plans in which tobacco users are eligible for PremiumHelp.Org


Where does the funding for come from?

This program is being funded through grants from anonymous donors. Money collected through workplace campaigns will not be applied to this program.