- United Way of the Greater Triangle

Do you currently have one of these eight plans from Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC for 2017: Blue Local 450, Blue Value 450, Blue Local 500, Blue Value 500, Blue Local 800, Blue Value 800, Blue Local 1000, or Blue Value 1000? Then you may qualify for help with paying for your health insurance premium.

For qualifying individuals*, this program is designed to reduce your monthly health care premium to zero in these specific Silver-Level Plans purchased on the North Carolina Health Insurance Marketplace at

PremiumHelp.Org is not health insurance. It is a United Way program to help you pay for your premium. Find out more here.

*Enrollees who meet certain income requirements, qualify for a federal premium tax credit and enroll in a Qualifying Plan may be eligible to receive support sufficient to cover 100% of the remaining premium cost. Limited availability, based on funding sources, by county. For more details, Visit FAQs.

Applications must be submitted by NOON on the 14th for payments due by the 1st of every month.

Effective 2/10/17, approved Wake County applicants will be placed on a waiting list until otherwise notified.